Do Guys Sexually Fantasize About Video Games?

Yes, definitely guys sexually fantasize about video games. The presence of those scantily clad female characters is playing to the fantasy of the players, most of which are guys. The video game makers are taking advantage of the fact that the players have the desire to escape to a different world where they can be powerful like the heroes in the games. The characters almost always show big muscles, bland personality so the player can easily identify with the chosen character, and of course with a strong sexual prowess. There are also characters with the personality that may be close to most of the target audience of the game, the shy guy – a little bit awkward with women but in the end almost always ends up getting the girl.

The Fantasy, the Chase

The female character who is the subject of the guy’s fantasy usually comes off as a submissive character, needing to be saved while covered in as little clothing as possible. There are those female characters as well that evoke strength and seem to refuse to be pegged as lady in distress but towards the end eventually relent, making the fantasy even more exciting because of the chase. Another attractive feature of the video game realm is that anything is possible, the plot of the game may start out as normal in the players perspective but then eventually it can get very exciting and then the player feels he’s invincible and that there is always a way to redeem oneself.

There is a culture of disconnect that exists among the video game generation; malls or parks are no longer the place to hang out – now it’s in chat rooms and forum pages. The void which should have been filled with human interaction makes the fantasy world very attractive. Here, the players can identify themselves with the characters; they find connection with other players or the player’s characters. The violent tendencies can be acted out in those scenarios since there is no real life consequence in the equation. You can drive over the speed limit and run people over with your sports car and not even blink an eye in the end you still get to take a girl out to a date or pick up a hooker at the corner of the street – the possibilities are endless.

Fantasy is Porn’s Fodder

If the players are unsatisfied with their sexual experiences then fantasizing about a flawless video game character seems perfect. It may not mean that you are cheating if you are in a relationship in real life, no harm done. Still, if you want to explore sexual fantasies that may not be widely accepted socially then you get to do it at the comfort of your couch and role paly with your character and do bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) or if you want to experiment with a different sexual preference like male to male, a lot of material is out there. Still, as some say no harm done since it’s just on a video game.

Cosplay has made fantasies about video game characters close to real. The cosplayers are very dedicated to achieving the look of their character that they go all out. Imagine the scantily clad female characters standing before you in real life, also a fan of the game you like of course, also knows the references you like about the game but then she can’t live up to the expectation you have of that character since it’s just playing. Even porn has a special place for guys with sexual fantasies about video games. The Japanese call it hentai, where characters even from different fantasy worlds come together. It is the ultimate manifestation that guys have sexual fantasies about video games. There is a market for it and so the creative minds of animators and porn companies have come up with something to satisfy the fantasy.

Staying true to all things in moderation, it would not do well to stay in the fantasy of the video game for too long. Getting caught up in a fantasy world and neglecting personal connections may cause you to lose touch of reality. Getting in too deep may instill a stigma female sexuality is inferior to male sexuality. Sexual fantasies seem harmless if they stay that way but if the fantasy is preventing you from enjoying the real experiences that are available to you then your sexual expectations may be distorted. In video games, sex may be shown void of any emotional connection but it is different in real life. If you find yourself wanting to meet girls to live out your video game fantasies you should seek to find partners on Kik. The app Kik Girls is #1 for Kik sexting and Kik nudes and you’ll surely be able to find a Kik girl to communicate and act out your fantasies. A good balance between guys having sexual fantasies in video games and real life fantasies would be ideal.

Secret Codes to Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series is famous (or infamous) to the general public as the number one video game to be blamed for the several highly violent crimes. Whether these allegations hold true or not, it is an undeniable fact that this video game series appeals to many people around the world. In fact, with at least 33.8 million people playing the multiplayer mode of the latest entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, the Grand Theft Auto series seems to be even more popular than ever.

Among various reasons for the series’ popularity, the hidden cheat codes in the games are a time honored tradition of the Grand Theft Auto series. These cheat codes have various effects on the game, ranging from simply useful, like the cheat codes that unlock all the weapons, to amusingly useless, like the code that turns your character hilariously drunk. With that said, here are some of the top cheat codes for the PC version of the game to spice up your GTA V experience:

Are you in a tight spot? Are the police surrounding you everywhere? Maybe you went too fast in your getaway vehicle and crashed? If so, then the health and armor cheat code is exactly what you need. Typing “TURTLE” in the console command will raise your character’s health and armor back up to maximum. This is very handy for those near-death situations that are prevalent in the Grand Theft Auto series.

But maybe it is just simply impossible to get out alive, not even with multiple entries of the health and armor cheat code. The cheat code “PAINKILLER is your best bet then. Feel like a god among men with your newly found invincibility, perfect for those gaming sessions when you simply need to vent out your frustrations on the countless NPC’s in the game. Combine the above with the code “TOOLUP”, which will give you all the weapons and ammo, for maximum catharsis. After your done gaming go find yourself a mature women for hot mature sex.

And for those players who want to challenge themselves, the cheat code “FUGITIVE” will allow them to do so. See how far your skills, weapons, and a little bit of luck can take you by raising your “wanted level” up to the maximum. And if you get tired of that, you can always lower your “wanted level” back with the cheat code “LAWYERUP”.

Of course, the Grand Theft Auto series is not complete without the various vehicles that the player can “acquire” throughout the game. But sometimes, searching for one particular type of vehicle can take forever, especially the rarer ones. For those people who are impatient or lazy, the cheat codes “BANDIT”, “BUZZOFF”, “COMET”, “BARNSTORM”, and many others are very much appreciated. These codes will spawn various vehicles ranging from a BMX bicycle to a stunt plane.

For those gamers out there who prefer something else other than mindless carnage, then perhaps the Director’s Mode that is accessible with the cheat code “JRTALENT” is for you. In this mode, you can live your dreams of being a movie director by making short video clips using the game’s engine. It also allows you to choose to play as any NPC within the game. This will allow you to create fun and outlandish scenarios.

There are also cheat codes for those gamers who simply want to have a few cheap laughs. For an example, the cheat code “LIQUOR” will turn your character drunk, complete with a hilarious drunken running animation, turning your badass hardened criminal into a slightly less badass hardened criminal.

Another cheat code, “FLOATER,” will lower the normal gravity of the game. This will make it as if the game was set on the Moon. Stunts that were normally impossible in the normal gravity of the game will be completely possible. This makes it the perfect cheat code for those who love parkour and vehicular stunts. As a bonus, it is always amusing to see the hilariously cartoonish rag-doll physics that this cheat code causes.

Other amusing cheat codes include the cheat codes: “INCENDIARY” which will set all your bullets on fire, perfect for those who want their bullets with a little more “fire” power; “HOTHANDS” which will make all your punches extra explosive; and “SNOWDAY” which will make the tires of all vehicles extra slippery, perfect for those hilarious chain car crashes.

With a little bit of creativity, these cheat codes can be used in hilarious and exciting ways to add to the fun and charm of the Grand Theft Auto series.